We first started our shop in ‘sunny’ Essex back in 1992, as we wanted to bring alternative lifestyle gifts to Chelmsford, obtainable within all budgets, where our shop would be like our ‘lounge’ and all our customers our ‘friends’.

We then felt we didn’t want to limit this experience to only Essex and wanted our charming hospitality and affordable prices to be available all over the country. So if it is retro you require, or the strange that stimulates you, then please do give us visit. We claim to have a gift for anyone, young or old, modern or more traditional Our items have been sourced from the four corners of the globe.

We have spent a lot of time creating a site that is beautiful, fun and easy to use. Our stock is constantly changing, so if you don’t see anything to ‘whet your appetite’ on your current visit, please feel free to look again in the future.